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HMS Trincomalee


Britain’s oldest warship afloat! The wooden frigate – previously called HMS Foudroyant has become the symbol for Hartlepool and takes pride of place in the center of Hartlepool’s Historic Quay and Maritime Experience.

HMS Trincomalee 1817 is berthed afloat at Hartlepool Historic Quay, where a major award-winning restoration and interpretation of the Ship was completed in the early summer of 2001. You can read more about the restoration of HMS Trincomalee here, or read about her history here.

HMS Trincomalee 1817 represents the pinnacle of the ship restorer’s craft and visitors can now savour the unique atmosphere and experience of life on board the Classic British Frigate.

HMS Trincomalee 1817 is one of a range of visitor attractions centred around the bustling Hartlepool Marina.

“Were I to die at this moment, want of frigates would be found stamped on my heart.”

So said Admiral Lord Nelson in 1798 when he mistakenly believed himself mortally wounded at the Battle of the Nile. The speedy, dashing frigate was a vital part of Britain’s seafaring supremacy, and the ‘Leda’ class – of which Trincomalee was one of 47 – was one of the most successful types.

To visit the Trincomalee you need a Hartlepool’s Maritime Experience ticket which incorporates a host of activities including HMS Trincomalee, The Historic Quay, the Museum of Hartlepool & PSS Wingfield Castle. All for just one ticket price! Click Here for more information.

Brought to Hartlepool in 1987 as nothing more than a rotting hulk, the ship is now fully masted and attracting thousands of visitors every year and takes pride of place on the masthead of the Hartlepool Mail.

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Jackson Dock, Hartlepool
TS24 0XN
Telephone: 01429 223193

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