Barnardo’s Hartlepool Supported Lodgings Provider

Hartlepool Supported Lodgings Provider
£210.00 per week.

Barnardo’s Hartlepool Supported Lodgings Scheme is supported accommodation for young people aged 16-25 and who are homeless. As a supported lodgings provider you will be asked to provide a bedroom for the exclusive use of the young person, breakfast, an evening meal and access to other facilities in the home and a safe and emotionally stable environment in which a young person can mature and develop the skills necessary for independent living.

Becoming a supported lodgings provider will enable you with a chance to make a difference and contribute positively towards providing young people with the opportunity to develop the life skills needed to become independent. You will gain personal satisfaction and reward as you assist a young person to progress toward maturity.

For more information or to apply please contact:

Jenna Newman or Angela Tatum on 01429 424222.