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Hartlepool Citizens Advice Bureau


Hartlepool’s Citizens Advice Bureau can help you with all sorts of matters, from housing and tenancy support to money advice and welfare benefits (detailed below). The CAB also offer many other advice services including;

  • Housing Advice and Tenancy Support service.

  • Landlord Registration & Accreditation Scheme

  • Neighbourhood Advice Sessions & Home Visiting

  • Money Advice & Welfare Benefits Service

  • Employment Law, Debt and Welfare Benefits

  • Representational Advocacy Service

Housing Advice & Tenancy Support
Do you have a Housing Problem?

  • Problems with repairs

  • Threatened with eviction

  • Rent arrears

  • Poor housing conditions

  • Problems with your landlord

  • Homeless or threatened with homelessness

  • Living in overcrowded or unsuitable accommodation

  • Problems with housing benefits

  • Difficulty in securing permanent accommodation

  • Difficulty in raising the bond often required by a landlord

Then you should contact The Hartlepool Housing Advice & Tenancy Support Service (Details below)

Money Advice and Welfare benefits
Managing money can be difficult for many people. However it is worth taking time to plan your spending. A sensible budget can help you set aside money for bills and avoid problems with creditors. Here we aim to give you some hints tips and guidance on how best to manage your money, and how to deal with problems if they arise.

Key tips for dealing with debt

  • Don’t panic and don’t ignore the problem – it can be tempting to stuff bills and threatening letters unopened into a draw but they wont go away.

  • Avoid borrowing further to try and pay off existing debts this is likely to lead to more problems in the long run

  • Talk to your creditors – don’t just stop payments without explaining why. They can sometimes be more understanding than you would expect.

  • Work out which debts are priority mortgage, rent, council tax, maintenance, utilities and pay them first. Don’t fall into the trap of paying whoever shouts loudest first.

  • It is very important that you budget to include all priority expenses, this is because if you don’t you may lose a service such as electricity or gas, or even your home.

  • Work out a budget that covers all income and essential outgoings. Only offer to pay at a rate you can keep up

  • Think twice before paying for debt advice – the CAB has had many years of experience, helping with debt problems and negotiating with creditors


Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 9am to 5pm
Friday: 9am to 4.30pm


Address: 87 Park Road, Hartlepool. TS26 9HP

Telephone: 01429 273223

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