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Taxi Numbers

In Hartlepool all Hackney Carriages must be painted yellow and must have a payment meter installed that measures the distance of any journey travelled and calculates the fare. Hackney Carriages may be ‘flagged down’ or be found plying for hire at a designated Taxi Rank. In addition Hackney Carriages may be booked in advance but any fare agreed must be no more than the cost calculated by the meter – unless the journey ends outside the borough of Hartlepool.

All private hire vehicles must be booked in advance. In Hartlepool they may be any colour other than yellow and must display round stickers on each front door stating ‘This vehicle must be pre-booked’. Private hire vehicles do not use meters to calculate the cost of the journey but instead the cost should be agreed between the company/driver and the passenger – ideally at the time of booking.

A To B Taxi’s
01429 868818
1A Tower Street, Hartlepool, Cleveland, TS24 7HD

Hudsons Taxis
01429 233777
132 Whitby St, Hartlepool, TS24 7YS

Stripe Taxis
01429 221261
7 Whitby Street, Hartlepool, Cleveland, TS24 7AD

Twenty 3 Taxis
01429 232323
Mainsforth Terrace, Hartlepool, Cleveland, TS24 7AJ

Sreamline Radio Taxis
01429 422224
10a Tower St, Hartlepool, TS24 7HD

Cameron Radio Taxis
01429 264444
Mainsforth Ter, Hartlepool, TS25 7AJ

Elite Taxis
01429 224455
Unit 5, Cameron Holdings Mainsforth Terrace, Hartlepool, Cleveland, TS25 1TZ

Address: The Licensing Team, Civic Centre, Victoria Road, Hartlepool. TS24 8AY

Telephone: 01429 523354

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