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Hartlepool Maritime Experience

Hartlepool Maritime Experience is a superb re-creation of an 18th century seaport, telling the story of life at sea at the time of Nelson, Napoleon and the Battle of Trafalgar which dares you to experience life aboard a real British Naval frigate two centuries ago. Become entranced by the world …

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Restoring the HMS Trincomalee

In July 1987 Trincomalee, still called the TS Foudroyant, was transported to Hartlepool by a special chartered barge. The Foudroyant Trust, with the aid of cash from Hampshire County Council, had commissioned a study regarding the best option for the ship’s future. Hartlepool was selected on the strength of the …

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History of the HMS Trincomalee

In 1812 a set of plans for two new Leda Class Frigates were drawn up in England. Why a frigate? Frigates were light, fast and agile warships that generally concentrated their firepower on one deck. In terms of both firepower and armour they were no match for a ship of the …

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History of the HMS Trincomalee (Page 2)

Due to the end of the Napoleonic Wars (1819), Great Britain’s naval strength was reduced. After fitting out, which cost a further £2400, Trincomalee was placed ‘in ordinary’ – that is she was roofed over, had her masts removed, and was placed in Portsmouth harbour under general maintenance until such …

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The Museum of Hartlepool

The Museum of Hartlepool is the finest free show in town and it tells the story of Hartlepool from prehistoric times to the present day. Located beside Hartlepool Historic Quay, the Museum of Hartlepool features sea monsters, a real ‘fishing coble’ to climb aboard, a Celtic ‘Round House’ building, the …

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HMS Trincomalee

Britain’s oldest warship afloat! The wooden frigate – previously called HMS Foudroyant has become the symbol for Hartlepool and takes pride of place in the center of Hartlepool’s Historic Quay and Maritime Experience. HMS Trincomalee 1817 is berthed afloat at Hartlepool Historic Quay, where a major award-winning restoration and interpretation of the …

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