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Harbour Hartlepool Refuge

Harbour (formerly known as North Tees Women’s Aid) has worked for over 30 years to achieve safer communities through holistic services addressing domestic abuse. It operates across Hartlepool, Stockton, Middlesbrough, and Easington, and offers refuge services, adult and children’s outreach services, a counselling programme and a perpetrator programme.

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Within the Hartlepool area, the following services are available:

Harbour Hartlepool Refuge

Telephone: 01429 277 508 (24 hrs)

Harbour Hartlepool Refuge has 6 self contained units, as well a room to accommodate emergency overnight stays. The refuges can be accessed 24 hours a day and staff provide support and guidance to women and their children.

Harbour Children’s Outreach

Telephone: 01429 868 805

Harbour’s Children’s Outreach team works with children aged 3 -16 who have or are living with domestic abuse or experiencing a chaotic life style. Services include one to one support and group work sessions. The Children’s Outreach Team also works with young people to promote healthy and respectful relationships.

Harbour Sexual Violence Counselling Programme

Telephone : 0845 602 7449

Harbour’s counselling programme offers support to victims of sexual abuse or rape. Qualified counsellors work with males and females aged 18 and over on an individual or group basis.

Harbour Men’s Programme (Perpetrator Project)

Telephone : 0845 602 7440

Harbour provides a programme for men who have been violent or abusive to a partner or ex-partner and can demonstrate their intention to change their behavior.

The programme is voluntary and, after initial assessments, comprises a 30 session rolling programme of group work.

Call 999

– If life is threatened
– If people are injured
– If offenders are nearby
– If urgent action is required


01429 277 508

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